Everything within a reach of a link

G-image is the solution designed for all those companies that manage large streams of images and need to archive them, categorize them and retrieve them in a simple, fast and customized way in the format and size most suited to each specific need and without need a graphic designer to work on them!

Simply enter the link directly on your site, or on your online catalog with the format you need and G-image will return the image you were looking for ready to be downloaded or inserted directly where you need it.

A single archive

Save your time and upload images in high definition in the cloud, a single repository for all your images always connected with your sites, your social networks or your online catalog

Easy to integrate

Integration with other platforms is extremely simple and fast. You can make your image archive communicate with your suppliers or, for example, the teams that manage social media or communication campaigns, even with different authorization levels.


You will receive precise reports on the use made of your images, always keeping the workflow under control. Your images and videos will always be available centrally for all your marketing and sales needs.

Edit your content

You can change the resolution of an image or video, the size and shape of it without resorting to external software. Get G-image and you will receive what you need in an instant without the help of a graphic designer!

Management Tools

Search for the image you need in your online archive, where your photographers and your entire team will be able to access, with different authorization levels, and upload the original images or videos in high resolution.

  • A professional and easy to use software
  • The setup and activation takes few minutes
  • Customizable with your own logo
  • Easy to integrate with your own database
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Select the image or video and choose the format you want. You can download the image or simply copy the link that the system provides. You can send it to your collaborators or it can be integrated, for example, directly with your social media. Even on a tablet!

  • You won't have to download images if you don't want them
  • The contents of your online catalogs updated in real time
  • You can write directly in the link to customize the formats
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Load in a "drag"

You can upload your images with drag and drop directly on the system at maximum definition. You can decide how to save them with special categories or values that will allow you to search more effectively when you need them.

  • You can manage everything even from your smartphone
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What is the Price?

The real question is how much you save?


The time it will take to manage your images


The average use of your band to view them


Plus the control of your images and their use in your network

G-image is the advanced solution for managing images and videos that we have studied with some of the major players in the world of communication, fashion, design and in general of all those subjects that need to manage large archives of content in a way simple and fast

Matteo Sangiorgio

Partner, Geos

Where to use it?

G-image is a product whose fields of application range in different markets, below are some of the markets in which this software has fields of application


Always up-to-date product catalogs, immediately sharable shooting, search for items worn in particular events, images that can be processed independently, the ability to trace the use made of them in each branch, etc. These are just some of the advantages of G-image.


Every time you make a product campaign your images will be available for your printed catalog or online and at the same time with your e-commerce. Images immediately suitable for each support, for every need in few seconds


If you are an event organizer or a PR, you need to have your photo archive always at hand and perfectly customized to your needs, G-image will allow you to save time and work better with quick and easy access to your images.

Some of our customers

One of the most complete integration cases is the work done for Levi's. The customization of product classification codes adapted to the data preservation structures already present in the company have made it possible to speed up the integration and use of our software.


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